1/14 Monster Inversion, Mt. Hood sun, valley sun and biking report

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 January 14, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

Just a friendly reminder from my friends at Hood River Rotary: January 21st is the annual Rotary Ski Night at Meadows. Tickets for skiing from 3-9pm are just $10 in advance, $15 at the gate. You can purchase advance tickets now and support a great cause, whether you plan on going or not.

My philosophy at work is “if you can’t make ’em smile about the conditions, make ’em smile for another reason.” Somehow, it’s hard to stretch that philosophy far enough to make the weather report as much fun. Or maybe it’s that I’ve tapped out my creativity by 5:50am, the time I usually get to the forecast. Anyway, the forecast is currently interesting for the impressive inversion that’s about to arrive.

On Mt. Hood this morning, temps are fluctuating all over the place. Warm air is moving in, and I also suspect the strong north wind is causing some downslope heating. I saw a reading of 29 degrees at 5000′ at one point already. Today will see warming temps on Mt. Hood. If the sounding is correct, it will stay below freezing at all elevations until about 7pm, when it’s really going to start warming up in the Cascades. Expect clear sky today, with high clouds this evening. Wind will be N 20-30 all day.

By Tuesday morning, it will be partly cloudy, becoming clear, with the free air freezing level (FAF – we’re ignoring the lowlands here) at 12,000′ with temps at 5,000′ near freezing in the morning, rising into the mid 40’s in the afternoon. Wind Tuesday will be N 20 early, dropping to N 10 in the afternoon.

Wednesday looks clear and dry (dry as a bone, actually – make sure you check the RH Wednesday). The FAF will be around 11,000′, with temps at 5,000′ near 50 degrees. Wind Wednesday will be NW 20 early, fading to NW 15. This pattern repeats ad infinitum as far as the models can see. Hopefully you like spring skiing in a t-shirt!

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Down in the Hood River Valley and Gorge, we’ll see west wind today at 26-30 from Stevenson to Hood River. Tomorrow starts with westerlies at 21-24, becoming light in the afternoon. It looks like we’ll still see west wind Wednesday, but models aren’t clear after that. You’re going to like this part: it looks like we’ll see sunshine in the Gorge throughout this inversion cycle. Uh-huh. You smiled, didn’t you? I thought so! Temps will hover right around freezing during the day, meaning Syncline is going to be a mess and unrideable due to the freeze-thaw cycle, but the road riding should be great, as super-dry air pulls all the ice off the roads.

And finally, a repeat of yesterday’s begging and information:

In other important news, grant letters for Hood River County’s RTP grant for an excavator, hand tools, armoring supplies, and other stuff for building on both mult-use and non-moto trails are due tomorrow. Please, if you ride, write and email/drop off a letter (must be signed) today. Call Henry at (541) 387-6888 for more information.

For those of you who ride Meadows, there are a bunch of new Hood River discounts. Show a day pass or a season pass of any sort, and you qualify.

Have an awesome day today!