1/14 Forecast. Go build an ark.

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 January 14, 2011

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Good morning!

Today: warm, wet and windy.
Saturday: warm, wet and windy.
Sunday: warm, wet and windy.
Monday: colder, snowy and windy.

Today looks like the driest of the next three, unless a small shift in the storm track makes today equally wet. We’ll see light to moderate rain until 10pm today, when the weather should (mostly) dry out for 6-8 hours or so. Total precip today will be .5” or so. The snow level this morning will be around 6000’, rising to 8000’+ by 4pm. Winds will be SW 20-30 this morning, rising to WSW 35-45 this afternoon and switching to W 30-40 this evening.

Tomorrow morning looks relatively dry, or at least just slightly rainy. The snow level will be around 6000’, rising to around 10,000’ in the afternoon as the true Pineapple Express slams into Mt. Hood. That tropical moisture should begin falling around 10am, with a total of 2-5” of rain falling by Sunday morning. Winds tomorrow will be SW 15-25, holding for much of the day, and rising to WSW 30-40 overnight.

Sunday looks warm and wet as tropical moisture and the PE train continues to blast through MHM station. Sunday looks windier, with morning wind at W or WNW 35-45 (bad news), falling to WSW 25-35 in the afternoon and increasing to WSW 40-50 Sunday night as we finally see a transition to a colder pattern. The snow level will be at 10,000’ or so (does it really matter once it’s above 8000’?), falling to 6500-7000’ during the day. By Monday morning, the snow level should be around 4500’-5000’, but unfortunately, most of the moisture will already be out of the clouds and in the snowpack and rivers.

If you would like to go whitewater kayaking in flood-stage rivers, you’re going to get your chance. The Hood is at 7.7 and will be rising fast over the weekend. The White Salmon was at 4’ yesterday, and will rise as well.

Pray for snow!


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  1. Chris |

    Maybe it’s time to switch back to the windsurfing forecast (temporarily).
    Sunday looks like it has potential for sailable westerlies in the Gorge with reasonably warm air temps (for January).

    • Temira |

      Chris… what a great idea. I’ll post the snow forecast, and you post the wind forecast! I think it will be very, very gusty, if sailable at all, and very, very wet.