11/30 forecast

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 November 30, 2009

Good morning!

Somehow, there just doesn’t seem to be time to whip out a forecast on the weekends anymore. Between the doing the snowphones and baking treats to secure a ride to the mountain, the weekend forecast has been neglected.

Today, though, there’s a forecast, although there really isn’t much to talk about.

In mountain bike land, Syncline is great, as is Hospital Hill. I have an unconfirmed report that Post Canyon is not muddy, and will be going to check that out today, either on a bike or with running shoes on my feet.

Up on the mountain, it’s Carve Central, with even the groom crew saying they’re heading out for turns after opening. Speaking of the mountain, I’d like to ask your help. It’s high time we had some new snow. So, if you could possibly make a sacrifice or two to your preferred snow gods, that would be much appreciated. As of now, our best shot at more snow looks like Thursday or Sunday, but models are vacillating. So, your help would be nice.

In wind news, NOAA called for east winds this morning, but gradients are already westerly, with high pressure sitting at the mouth of the Columbia. Given that, I think we’ll see 20-23 by afternoon in the corridor. An added bonus of the west wind is that the inversion will clear out quickly, leaving us with sunny skies (or at worst, high overcast skies). High pressure builds back over the desert tomorrow, bring easterlies to Stevenson and Rooster. 24-28 seems like a reasonable call.

Have a great day today!