1/13 Mt. Hood sun, Gorge wind, and a veritable heat wave in the mountains next week.

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 January 13, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

Just a friendly reminder from my friends at Hood River Rotary: January 21st is the annual Rotary Ski Night at Meadows. Tickets for skiing from 3-9pm are just $10 in advance, $15 at the gate. You can purchase advance tickets now and support a great cause, whether you plan on going or not.

The challenge has gone out of the forecast at this point. Mt. Hood will be clear early today, partly cloudy with high clouds midday and clear overnight. Temps will remain well below freezing, with the free air freezing level (FAF) at 0′ (aka ‘the surface’). Wind will be increasing out of the N, becoming as strong as 15-25mph, and turning more northeasterly tonight. No precip.

Monday starts out clear, with mid-level clouds midday through the evening. The freezing level will be at the surface early, with temps climbing just above zero from 1k-11k’ late in the evening. Wind will be N 10-15 early, becoming NW at 20-30 in the afternoon.

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Tuesday looks clear on Mt. Hood. Temps will warm during the day, rising to near 40 degrees at 5k by 10am, with the FAF at 11,000′. Morning N/NW wind becomes NE at 15-20 midday.

By Wednesday, a monster inversion develops, with temps at sea level just over freezing, temps at 5k at 50 degrees, and the FAF at 11,000′. This pattern continues through Saturday.

In Gorge weather, it’s looking gloomy this morning, and east wind at 15-18 today isn’t going to help get rid of the gloom. Expect mid-level clouds tomorrow (it’s going to look like mid-summer, with clouds in the western Gorge) and increasing west wind hitting 23-26+ from Hood River to Doug’s. Tuesday may start off with low clouds, but looks clear by midday, with strong west wind. Wednesday looks clear in the Gorge. Cross your fingers on that one, because if Wednesday is clear, it’ll be clear for the rest of the week. Temps will be below freezing in the Gorge today and tomorrow, warming up just above freezing by Tuesday.

In other important news, grant letters for Hood River County’s RTP grant for an excavator, hand tools, armoring supplies, and other stuff for building on both mult-use and non-moto trails are due tomorrow. Please, if you ride, write and email/drop off a letter (must be signed) today or tomorrow. For more information, call Henry at the forestry department at (541) 387-6888.

For those of you who ride Meadows, there are a bunch of new Hood River discounts. Show a day pass or a season pass of any sort, and you qualify.

Have an awesome day today!