11/29 Forecast

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 November 29, 2010

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Good morning!

Did you enjoy the last winter storm in the Gorge? Yes? Good, because there’s another one coming tonight. You have until approximately 6pm to get your Portland shopping done and get off I-84.

It looks like the east gradients, and therefore the cold continental air, will stick around through midday tomorrow. We are seeing more moderate temperatures to start this storm. – it’s 32 degrees in Hood River right now. Building gradients through the day will be a bad sign for the weather tonight. Expect the standard Gorge wintry mix from 7pm today to 1pm tomorrow.

On the mountain, where snow is fun, we’ll see snow. Well, we may see a period of rain, but we’ll mostly see snow. The snow level will be around 4500-5500 feet during the first part of this storm. We should see .75” – 1” of water value overnight. It’s likely going to be rain at Skibowl and the HRM base of Meadows starting around 4am.. I think we’ll see periods of rain at the MHM main lodge, but by 11am, everything should be falling as snow. Upper elevations should see 8-10” tonight. During the day tomorrow, another 12+” should fall. If you like storm skiing, go up tomorrow afternoon (20-30mph with higher gusts on the slopes). If you want better weather, go up Wednesday for powder under partly cloudy skies.

For a clear forecast for the rest of the week, ask the Magic 8 Ball. You’ll get just as good an answer as you’d get from the weather models at this point.

In other news, on Saturday, 2nd Wind is putting on a super sick rail jam in downtown Hood River. Stay tuned for more details! It’s also tree lighting night in Hood River.

And finally, the first night of Chanukah is Wednesday.

Have an awesome day today!


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