11/23 Mt. Hood snow forecast, Gorge wind and gloom forecast, and a long term forecast that bites.

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 November 23, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

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In the Gorge wind forecast, there shouldn’t be much wind today or tomorrow, but Sunday starts with westerlies at 15-18, switching to east wind at 15-18 in the afternoon. Monday, if the forecast holds, should bring strong east wind. In Gorge weather, rain starts around 1pm today, and continues through tomorrow. Get out early today! A nasty fog layer will likely form Saturday night, for a gloomy Nothing day in the Gorge on Sunday and probably Monday too. There’s also a good chance of frost in the Gorge and Hood River Valley on Sunday and Monday.

So far so good. All’s quiet on the western front. I won’t say that all hell’s about to break loose, but I will say that it’s going to rain on Mt. Hood today. The snow level will be around 7500′ today, maybe higher, with heavy rain starting around 1pm. That doesn’t mean we won’t see sprinkles earlier, but it means the worst won’t arrive ’til the afternoon. Expect 1.5-2” of rain between 1pm today and 4am tomorrow. Wind will be SW 25-30 this morning, going to WSW 35-40 around 1pm and holding overnight.

Saturday morning is still a tough call. A tiny shift in the storm track could make a big difference in precip type. The freezing level, according to the models, will be 7000′ at 1am, 6000′ at 4am, 5500′ at 7am, 5000′ at 10am, and 3500′ at 1pm. Right now, I think we’ll see rain at 4am, followed by a mix of rain and snow between 4am and 10am, then a switch to snow flurries and sunbreaks. Sadly, the majority of the precip will fall as rain, with .4-.5” water value between 4am and 4pm giving us a couple inches of new at 5000′. Wind on Saturday will be W 30-35 at 1am, dropping to W 20 in the early hours, and then swinging to SW 20-25 at 7am. As the freezing level drops in the afternoon, the wind picks up to W 25-35.

Sunday looks foggy and possibly frosty in the valleys. On Mt. Hood, it will be sunny, or possibly sunny mixed with high clouds. The freezing level will be 1000′ in the morning, rising to 2000′ in the afternoon. Wind will be NW 25-30 early, going more northerly mid-morning.

Monday also looks foggy and frosty in Hood River, at least, with clear skies becoming cloudy on Mt. Hood. The freezing level will be at 1000′ in the morning, rising to 7000′ in the afternoon with light and variable wind.

Models are not synching on Mon/Tuesday, but they are in agreement on the Thursday-Saturday time frame. You’re not going to like the agreement they’ve come to: Freezing level around 6500-7500′ with 1”+ of rain each day. Please don’t shoot the messenger, and please do hope for change.

Have an awesome day today!