11/28. Happy Thanksgivukkah, everyone. Have a wonderful day with friends and family.

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 November 28, 2013

It’s winter now, and that means it’s time for the snow forecast!

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Random Morning Thoughts

Gratitude Month, day 28: I am grateful today for my undying sense of curiosity, which gets me through just about anything with a sense of humor and boundless awe. Thank you, universe, for this gift.

Awesome Temira-approved Local Business – Cebu Lounge and Riverside Grill

Hey Portland. Hey Hood River. Skip the cooking this Thanksgiving: ride or sail or ski all day and then head on down to Riverside for Thanksgiving dinner. They’ll take care of your dinner and clean up, with served plated dinners. Traditional turkey and trimmings, or vegetarian, prime rib, and salmon options. Serving 12-9pm. Reservations recommended. 541-386-4410. And as always, the best happy hour in the Gorge 4-6pm and $12 Prime Rib Tuesdays, Temira’s favorite. The folks on the mailing list are in a raffle for free Prime Rib for two. Don’t you wish you were on the mailing list?

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′

Mt. Hood Snow Interesting Weather Forecast

Oh, there’s some snow coming. And some rain. And some truly impressive wind. Today, though, shall be boring: High clouds, free air freezing level (FAF) at 10,000′, high temp at 5000′ around 45º, WNW wind at 10mph. Tomorrow brings cloudy weather with the FAF at 9,000′ early, falling to 6500′ overnight with high temps at 5000′ in the upper 30’s. On Saturday, we’ll start with a cloudy day. The FAF will rise to 8,000, falling slowly to 6500′ in the evening with WNW wind at 15-20. We’ll see a few sprinkles late in the day and overnight.

Now, on to the fun day: Sunday. The snow level starts around 7,000, rising to 9000′ midday, and then crashing to 2000′ by 4pm, 1000′ by 7pm, and to the surface overnight. There will be 2” or so of water value (WV) with this system, half of which will fall as rain before the cold front and half of which will fall as snow after cold front. The switch will happen early afternoon. So, expect a wet morning followed by 8-12” of new snow between mid-afternoon and 4am Monday. Be very, very, very careful on the mountain roads on Sunday afternoon. As temps drop, the roads will become very icy.

Notice I didn’t mention wind? That’s because Sunday’s wind gets its own paragraph. Sunday starts with WSW wind at 30-40mph. That’s a nice direction and speed that doesn’t cause too much trouble. By 10am at treeline, we’ll have WSW 50-60, rising to WSW 60+ and then switching to a troublesome W 50+ late in the afternoon. At 10,000′, where we won’t be, but where I do have access to an anemometer, wind speeds are predicted to average in the 90mph range. Cool, dudes.

Terrain-enhanced (orographic) snowfall continues on Monday, with rapidly falling temperatures. By Tuesday, high temps at the ski resorts will be in the teens, and they’ll be in the single digits on Wednesday. If the east wind kicks in at those elevations, and likely it will, we’ll see wind chills dropping well below zero. Last time this happened I got stuck on a ski lift for 12 minutes and chilled my buttocks so thoroughly that it took them almost an hour to warm up. And given the well-insulated nature of my buttocks, that is a fine feat, Mother Nature.

Plain Old Local Weather

Oh how I love the thought of wearing my fur coat all next week. My friends Ellisa and Rob and I have plans to look at the frozen Gorge waterfalls next week. It’s going to be beautiful. And really f’ing brisk. But that’s the future. Back in the now, we’ll see high clouds in the Gorge today with temps rising just over 40º. If the sounding model is correct, we’ll see temps near 50º in the Gorge tomorrow afternoon, under cloudy skies. Saturday looks similar to Friday.

Then on Sunday, all hell breaks loose. The Valkyries escape Pandora’s box (now there’s some mythology mixing for you – kinda like mixing Chanukah and Thanksgiving), taking us all on a wild ride. We start with temps in the upper 40’s under cloudy skies with light west wind. Westerlies increase to the “nuking” range in the afternoon east of Hood River.

We’ll likely see a bit of snow Sunday night into Monday, meaning roads will be scary slick on Sunday night and Monday morning. Please be careful out there. Snow flurries continue through Monday. Portland and poor Steven’s Locks will likely take the brunt of the snow, as the Cascades absorb much of the moisture. But snow in the Gorge? Likely. Icy roads Monday morning? Definitely. Snow tires a good idea? Yes, especially since we don’t know how this upcoming cold snap will end, and there’s a better-than-even chance of doom and destruction when it does.

Coming up next week, I present to you… Really fucking cold weather. Sorry for the f-bomb, but it’s true: Gorge high temps won’t get above 25º on Tuesday and likely won’t top 15º on Wednesday. I highly recommend you drain those sensitive pipes now, while it’s warm enough to do it comfortably.

Gorge Wind Forecast

I’m kinda getting tired of telling you about the nuking east wind. Anyone who’s driven to Portland this past week knows it’s been strong enough to blow the cars and semis around the I-84. So, let’s talk about nuking westerlies. But first, today’s nuking east wind report: E.17 gradient. 43 at Rooster. 24 at Stevenson at 6am. Expect 40-50 at Rooster and 26-30 at Steven’s Locks today. Tomorrow sees E 15-18 early and W 15-18 late. Expect westerlies at 21-24 Saturday afternoon.

By mid-morning Sunday, eastern Gorge wind will jump to 30+, probably rising to 40+ at some point. This is frontal wind, meaning it’ll be up-and-down and gusty, but it’s going to be nuking. Along with the nuking wind, we’ll see rain and crashing temps, dropping to just above freezing by the evening. Pleasant watersports weather, for sure. The river is currently at 48º.

Road and Mountain Biking

With temps rising into the 40’s for the next three afternoons, road biking is the call in my world. Especially since the roads will likely receive a coating of gravel on Sunday night or Monday morning. In biking world, Sandy Ridge is still the call. However, if temps really do rise into the 50’s, all the trails are going to thaw, and they’re all going to be easily-damaged mud bogs. Relief is in sight. Next week’s frigid temps will freeze the trails all day long, so you’ll be able to ride anywhere you want. If you can stay warm…

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

Two runs today: Turkey Trot benefiting Mosier School at the Twin Tunnels at 9am and Turkey Trot benefiting Whitson Elementary in White Salmon, also this morning, time unknown because I forgot to write it down. Stepping on soapbox: Really? Our goddamned elementary schools have to hold fundraising runs? I understand that these events are, in part, an exercise to teach kids the value of money and give the community a sense of investment in local schools, but can’t we buck up and fund education in this country? I don’t have kids, and I don’t want kids, and I vote for every school funding issue that comes up on the ballot. Help out the kids, people. Stepping off soapbox.

Kanaha Beach Park Petition Information

I’m passing on the link to the Kanaha Beach Park petition. My (admittedly incomplete) understanding of the issue is that there’s been a conflict between swimmers and kiters, resulting in a lawsuit to close major portions of the waterfront to vessels (including kiteboards and windsurfers). This lawsuit asks the state to enforce laws already on the books but not currently being enforced. Make a difference: sign the petition. Keep Kanaha accessible to all users.

Have an awesome day today!