11/27 White Friday Forecast

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 November 27, 2009

There’s not much going on out in the snow or wind world today, or for the next few days. Our best chance for wind will be today, as high pressure builds at the coast. I think 19-22 is reasonable through the central and near-east Gorge this afternoon, with the possibility for clearing skies in the afternoon, along with a slight chance of 23-26 (unlikely).

High pressure builds for the next couple of days, shutting down rain and snow, and likely plunging the Gorge into an inversion until Tuesday. It sounds like the mountain bike trails are in decent shape right now, so pull that bike out of storage for a round of late fall mountain biking.

In the long-term, it looks like we’ll get some strong easterlies towards the end of the week.

What does this mean in the mountains? It means that whatever snow we get today and tomorrow is going to be it for the next week or so, dang it. Somebody start making sacrifices to the snow gods, please.