11/22 Forecast… sort of…

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 November 22, 2012

Good morning,
It’s a lovely day up on Mt. Hood right now. Clear skies early will likely give way to high clouds, but it will also likely stay dry on the slopes today.

Unfortunately, at 5am, the University of Washington’s atmospheric modeling website was down, making it impossible for me to write a detailed forecast for the next few days. If the website comes back up today, I’ll put out a forecast. Otherwise, the general trend is this:

Rain on Mt. Hood Friday, starting around 10am. The rain transitions to snow Friday night, giving Mt. Hood a few inches of snow Saturday morning. Saturday and Sunday look cold, with a few inches of new snow each. The long-term modeling suggests snow in the early part of next week, followed by another warm, wet event in the latter half of the week.

Have a great day, and happy Thanksgiving!