11/2 Forecast. Go vote.

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 November 2, 2010

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Good morning!

It’s Election Day, and as usual, I’m not going to tell you how to cast your vote. I am going to ask you to vote. If you’re not voting (unless you’ve lost your right to vote or don’t qualify for citizenship), you don’t have a right to complain or rejoice about what your government does during the next two years.

If you’re in Oregon, it’s too late to mail in your ballot. You can drop it off at your nearest ballot collection location (in Hood River, that’s at 6th and State). In Washington, you can still drop your ballot in the mail.

I am sure there are several election result parties tonight. The only one I am certain of is at the Volcanic Bottle Shop on the Heights in Hood River. That “party” runs from 5 to 9pm and will be attended by HR Library supporters.

In less serious news, the Nelscott Reef contest is on for today, with variable winds forecast to be blowing on a 20-23 foot swell at 18 seconds. It’s going to be huge. Unfortunately, they aren’t webcasting the event, but you can catch the action via updates on the Nelscott Facebook page (boring).

The forecast still looks good for big easterlies tomorrow in the Gorge. Light west gradients this morning start building in the other direction this afternoon. I think we’ll see enough wind for kiting at Stevenson/Rooster by midday today. Tomorrow brings 30+ at Stevenson and 40ish at Rooster. The forecast has mellowed for Thursday, so if you’d like to windsurf or kite, plan on tomorrow.

At this point, the forecast looks dry through Thursday, with rain returning on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so you’ll have some good opportunities this week for mountain biking or ski touring.

Finally, I just looked at the river levels, and the gauge is reporting the Hood at 5.2 feet after 1.4” of rain fell on Meadows yesterday. The White Salmon was at 2ft yesterday, but it’s likely higher now, and the Klickitat’s at 891 cfs.

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. Michael Schock |

    Who knew, last week when I was scheduling my appointments that Windnesday would be “the” day. Tomorrow looks absolutely wonderful for sailing the east winds. I just wish I hadn’t committed myself to be somewhere else.

    Thanks for keeping up with the forecasts, I’m still hoping for a few more days on the water. Any guesses for next week?