11/19 Forecast

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 November 19, 2009

Good morning!

Everyone cross your fingers and make sacrifices to the snow gods. It’s 32 degrees at the base of Meadows right now, and we don’t want the thermometer budging, unless it’s heading down. With a borderline snow/rain forecast today (NOAA is saying 4-8” at Meadows), I’ll be holding my breath the whole time I’m up there “checking on conditions.” If you’re wondering, as of 5:30 am it was snowing up there, with Patrol reporting 4-6” of new at the top of MHX.

Keep an eye on the Meadows website for up-to-the-minute wind updates. NOAA is predicting a gale up there later today (which is not stopping me from getting day 7 today).

Tomorrow’s looking pretty sweet up there. If we get that 4-8” today, and another 2-4” tonight, and 7-11” tomorrow, Friday afternoon is going to be super-awesome! At this point, the weekend is looking chilly for you weekend warriors, with even more snow falling.

If you’re looking for wind, watch the desert late tomorrow afternoon for potentially strong west winds. If it happens, it’s going to be close to sunset, so you might have to do some pre-emptive driving. Watch the gradients at windonthewater.com to make a decision.

On the mountain bike front, I have a report from Ben that Post Canyon is actually in rideable shape. I haven’t been over there in a couple of weeks, so cannot confirm or deny that. I do know that Syncline, as of yesterday, was about as perfect as is possible, so I’ll point you that direction for your thigh-busting, butt-toning biking.

Do not forget that Saturday is the Hood River Snow Show at the Hood River Inn. If you’re not there, Pepi, Wally or I will personally kick your butt. Seriously, it’s going to be a lot of fun, it’s family friendly (and yes, you can get a beer, but your 5-year-old cannot), and you can win a season pass, a pair of skis, or a snowboard. $5 gets you in the door, and $1 gets you a raffle ticket (but you’re going to buy more than one to support the kids, right?). All proceeds benefit local ski and snowboard teams.

Have an awesome day today!