11/16 Mt. Hood snow and rain and wind, Gorge wind, and events

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 November 16, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Remember what I said yesterday about the Nothing burning off and that being hope rather than science? That’s where hope will get you: stuck under a dark layer of gloom all day! Science wins every time. The Nothing has dropped even lower today, as White Salmon is half-gone beneath a cloud layer. Above the low clouds are high clouds, so your chances of sun today are pretty minimal. That said, the weather should stay mostly dry today. A few sprinkles may fall during the day, and maybe a little rain this evening.

Tomorrow morning looks decent, with mostly dry weather, but you can kiss the fun away after 4pm, when we’ll get drenched. Sunday looks showery, and then you can really kiss the fun away, as the next three days bring downpours. Fairly warm downpours, but downpours none the less.

For wind Johnnies, you’ll have some leftover easterlies today. Light east wind tomorrow gives way to strong west wind late in the day, probably too late to be of use, but you might want to put your garbage can away early. Sunday brings another round of late westerlies.

In events this weekend, there are three bike work parties: Saturday at 9am there’s the White Salmon Bike Park event, and also Saturday at 9am, Ranger Jimmy T hosts Charley LaVenture trail day for those of you who knew and loved Charley. On Sunday, WTA hosts yet another work party at Syncline. 9am. Also Saturday, it’s the AMS winter weather conference at OMSI. Free and fun for all you weather geeks.

In “when’s the f**king mountain going to open weather”, we now have a jet stream forecast alteration, meaning a lot of the incoming downpour for the Gorge will also fall as downpour on the slopes of Hood.

Today looks cloudy on Mt. Hood, with both low clouds and high clouds in the neighborhood. The freezing level is around 6500′ this morning. It will drop to 6000′ by 1pm and 5500′ by 7pm. Light showers during the day give way to slightly heavier snowfall this evening, for .2” or so of water value for 1-2” of new at 5000′. Wind today will be SW 30, dropping off in the evening.

Tomorrow sees a partly cloudy morning with occasional light showers or flurries. The snow level will be 6500′ early, 5500′ at 4pm and 4500′ at 10pm after the passage of a cold front. Heavy precip from 4-7pm will likely fall as snow, for .2-.3” water value and 2-3” on the ground. Light flurries continue overnight. Wind Saturday will be SW 25-30 in the morning, WSW 25-30 around 4pm and SW 20ish overnight.

Sunday starts off with flurries, with the freezing level at 4500′. It will drop to 3500′ midday before rising to 5500′ around 7pm and 6500′ by 10pm. Precip will be .2-.3” water value before 4pm for 2-4” of new snow. A break in the precip gives way to rain after 10pm for 1” by 4am Monday. Wind Sunday will be SW 30-35 early, rising to 40-45 early evening and WSW 50+ overnight.

Monday looks warm and wet, with the snow level at 6500′ early, 7500′ by 10am, and 8000′ by 4pm. Hello sub-tropical jet stream connection. Rainfall by 4pm depends on the storm track: One model says .8” or so, and another says 2-3”. Just call it warm and wet. And windy. Morning wind at SW 45-50 goes to SW 50-55 by 10am and SW 50-60+ by 4pm.

Tuesday also looks too warm for snow, with rainfall totals depending on the storm track again. Could be .5”. Could be 3”. Wait and see. The snow level drops enough for snow on Wednesday morning, with 1-1.5” water value predicted, for a foot of snow. Thursday also brings 6-8”. Friday looks dry, but Saturday (a long ways out to be making a call), looks warm and rainy.

I know. That wasn’t the forecast you were hoping for. Me neither.

Have an awesome day today!