11/16 forecast

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 November 16, 2009

Good morning!

Given the light rain on the slopes this morning, I think I’ll talk about wind first instead. If you’d like to go windsurfing or kiting, watch Stevenson and Rooster today. As a massive upper level low builds off the coast, bringing hurricane force gusts to the coast, east gradients will build through the Gorge. It’s going to be gusty, it’s going to be cloudy, and there might be rain showers, but you might just get on the water later today.

Tomorrow afternoon brings west winds to the Gorge in the wake of frontal passage. The further east you go, the steadier the winds will be. It’s going to be very southerly, so your best chance for decent water time will be at Arlington. Honestly, I’m not going to recommend the drive, unless you are really, super desperate.

You Seattle people are going to get a great day on the water tomorrow. Enjoy!

A better bet tomorrow for Gorge people is skiing, with NOAA predicting 4-8”. I’m thinking we’ll see more than that on lee slopes, as strong winds assist accumulation amounts. If you head to the slopes tomorrow, be prepared for strong winds and possible reduced lift speeds due to wind. By midday, wind speeds should drop on the slopes.

Snow is in the forecast at Meadows for the rest of this week. Yippee! Suddenly I like El Nino a lot better…

Have a great day today!