11/10 Snow and Wind Forecast

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 November 10, 2011

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Good morning!

Finally, a fun and interesting and complicated forecast! First off, the wind. East wind blows through the Gorge this morning. The gradient is at .12 right now, and Rooster is reading 37 (although, judging by what I saw yesterday, it reads quite high). If you want wind sports, go now, as the wind will quickly fade today as high pressure builds inland.

Friday starts off light, picking up to 23-26, near Hood River by 4pm, possibly stronger for a brief period, and then filling in out east after dark. We’ll see west wind at 15-18 near Hood River Sunday, with 21-23 out east. As a front passes Saturday night, high pressure builds off the coast Sunday morning, for a 30+ west wind day possibly near Hood River, but most likely at Doug’s, The Wall, Arlington, and Threemile.

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

In snow news, it’s fun news as well. Today will be dry, with the free air freezing level at 7000’ and wind at SW 20-25 on Mt. Hood. Tomorrow starts off dry, with snow starting around 4pm. Mt. Hood wind will be SW 20-25 early, picking up to WSW 35-40 by 1pm and quickly going to NW 40-50 by 4pm. Expect blizzard conditions above treeline, as the snow level, at 6000’ at 1pm, drops to 1500’ by 7pm or so. We’ll see heavy snow from 4pm to 10pm, with .4-.5” water value for 4-6” of new snow above 3000’.

Saturday starts off with light flurries and the snow level at 1500’. It will slowly rise to 4000’ by 7pm, briefly touching 6000’ around 10pm before dropping back to 4500’ overnight. Windspeeds will be NW 30-35 early, going to WSW 40-50 by 4pm and going to WNW 30-35 overnight. Snow accumulation will be heavy from 1pm-1am for .6-.8” water value or 6-7” of new snow.

We’ll see snow flurries on Sunday with continued windy conditions above treeline. We’ll be in NW flow next week, for continued cool temperatures and continued snow accumulation.

Have an awesome day today! Chance of Meadows/Skibowl opening in the next two weeks: 20%


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