10/9 Forecast

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 October 9, 2009

We still have light west gradients this morning, but a burly arctic air mass is about to slip into eastern OR and WA. High pressure associated with the burliness combines with less weak high pressure off the coast for increasing easterlies today. By mid-afternoon, wind speeds hit the 22-26 range in Stevenson and at Rooster.

This is just a preview, a warmup, to tomorrow’s super-burly east winds. Well, maybe not super-burly, but 28-32 with higher gusts seems reasonable in Stevenson and at Rooster.

Sunday’s east winds also don’t qualify as super-burly, but 30-35 is likely at Stevenson, with a little more possible at the Rooster Rock Dustbowl.

Don’t forget to come help weed the HR Waterfront park tomorrow. Donuts. Coffee. Cool people.

And tomorrow night, come to Dog River Coffee for a telemark ski movie. Watching people skin up hills is almost as much exercise as doing it yourself.

Have a great day today!