10/8 Nuclear Weekend forecast

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 October 8, 2009

Good morning everyone!

If you’re just joining us after a long summer if iKite or iWind forecasts, welcome. Here are the rules: 1. this forecast is free, unless you think it’s worth something and choose to donate to me. 2. I almost always post a forecast. If there’s going to be a report, it will be up by 9:30 (or if not, I’ll try and post one the night before). 3. You will go do something, anything, fun today. Enjoy.

It’s another beautiful day in the Gorge. Break out your road bike or your mountain bike, and start pedaling, at least until late afternoon. Or you could go to work, like me. Anyway, very light east gradients are morning scenario. by afternoon, a little disturbance slides out of Canada into Eastern Washington. With the help of that Canadian disturbance, west winds pick up late today. If the wind hits before dark, we’ll see 17-20 in the Corridor, at Mosier, through Doug’s and Rowena, and possible as far as Celilo. With perfect timing, we’ll see 22-26. That wind will be shortlived and gusty, so don’t get too excited.

Cold arctic high pressure migrates south to the Washington desert tomorrow, setting up a desert high/coastal low setup. Easterlies start out in the teens and keep building all day Friday. I think we’ll see 30ish by afternoon.

Bring on the stoke Saturday, for mega easterlies at Stevenson and massive sandblasting at Rooster. 35+ is the call. Enough said.

Go windsurf (and freeze your butt off) Saturday morning, and head to Dog River coffee Saturday evening for a warming cocoa and a telemark movie (and if you’re really cold, don’t forget about Miso Ramen at Kaze… this is not a paid ad and I was not fed for free). If you want to skip the freezing your bum off part, head to the waterfront park at 10am Saturday for a weeding party (and coffee and donuts) at the Waterfront park.

If you’re a gardener who hasn’t been hit with frost yet, prepare yourself. I think Friday night is the night, maybe Saturday night…

Have a great day today!



  1. Temira |

    @ Karl, Toshi is going to kill me for telling everyone, but it really is the best thing in the world on a cold evening. I’m so glad you love it too! Wait ’til you have it after a cold day on the mountain! I ate miso ramen 3-4 nights a week when I lived in sub-freezing Japan. =)

  2. Karl G |

    I had the miso ramen last night after a sweet kite session. It was soooo good! Thanks temira for the suggestion. It’s not on the menu though, so just ask.

  3. Stephen Schneider |

    Wow Timera – I’m impressed with your endorsement disclaimer regarding the Miso at Kaze (“this is not a paid ad and I was not fed for free’) If I didn’t know better I’d think you were a lawyer. The New FCC rule regarding liability for endorsers doesn’t even go into effect until Dec 1 but you have anticipated it completely! To see the entire 84 page FTC ruling go to: http://bz9.cc/07mr