10/6 Forecast (night before)

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 October 5, 2009

Good morning everyone!

Oh my gosh. The pressure is on. I hear iWindsurf/iKitesurf is done with human forecasts for the season. I qualify as human, barely, making me the only one left forecasting at this difficult time of year.

So, please forgive all the hedging that goes along with the forecast this time of year. I have a theory that the higher speed fall jet makes surface winds inconsistent. I’m sticking with that theory, rather than admitting incompetence.

That said, today we’ll see a lot of nothing in the Gorge. Very light easterlies in the morning and very light westerlies in the afternoon, as high pressure builds off the coast.

That high pressure rests off the coast tomorrow. If this were summer, I’d predict a nuker of a corridor day. However, since it’s fall, a front is going to throw a wrench in this setup’s stability. Hopefully that won’t happen until evening, and since I’d like to sail (it’s been a while), I’m going with 22-25, maybe better, for much of the day. Just to be safe, get it early; As the front approaches, winds become gustier and gustier, until you give up and go mountain biking (it’s pretty epic out there right now, although I do have reports of minimal snow from Surveyor’s up).

It’s looking like high pressure will rebuild on Thursday, setting up light easterlies.

In other news, Jeri’s continuing free Crossfit workouts M-F. Details are at TheGorgeismyGym.com. Note that the morning class is at 7:30 from now on, ‘cuz it’s way too dark at 6:30am.

There’s a bunch of other stuff going on this month, but you’ll have to check the events calendar to find out.