10/30 Gorge no-wind, Mt. Hood rain/snow and events

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 October 30, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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First off today, my thoughts go out to everyone on the east coast who has been impacted by Sandy. That storm puts our Pineapple Express into perspective, doesn’t it? Speaking of the Express, we’ve had 4.2” of rain here this month, so far, and the rain will continue for a couple more days. If you want to make a cake to celebrate the end of the dry season, try out this Pineapple Express cake.

In the Gorge, we’ll have rain today and tomorrow, and showers Thursday, but the weather should be dry and sunny Friday and dry and probably cloudy Saturday, at least in the morning. There won’t be much wind to speak of, but you might find some gusty westerlies at 18-23 midday Thursday.

If you’re wondering about ski season, it’s still a ways off. The snow level today will be 10,000′. The mountain gets .5” of rain by 5pm, followed by another .4” by 5am Wednesday. Wind today will be SW 25-30 early, rising to SW 40-50 by mid-afternoon.

On Wednesday, the rain continues on Mt. Hood. The snow level will be 9000′ early, falling to 8000′ by 2pm and 6500′ by 11pm. .8” of rain falls by 5pm, followed by another .3” by 5am. Wind will be SW 30-40 all day.

On Thursday, the rain tapers off in the lowlands but increases on Mt. Hood, as orographic effects kick in. The snow level will be around 6000′ early, rising a bit to 6500′ midday and falling to 5500′ by 11pm. .8” of precip falls as a rain/snow mix by 5pm, followed by a tenth or two overnight. Wind on Thursday will be SW 30-35 early, W 30-35 midday and NW 10-15 overnight.

The free air freezing level rises to 11,000′ on Friday, with light wind and mostly clear skies. We’ll see another round of warm precip on Sunday, followed by a likely return to dry, clear weather next week.

In events this weekend, it’s the annual HRVHS ski swap both Saturday and Sunday, but you know the best bargains will be at the early bird shopping at 7:30am Saturday morning. Also Saturday morning, two trail work parties: one working on motorized trails (like Dirt Surfer and Borderline), meeting at 8:30am at Binn’s Hill Staging Area. The second work party is at the White Salmon Bike Park at 9am.

On Saturday night, the Hood River Area Trail Stewards have a mountain bike movie premiere at the Pint Shack at 7pm. You’ll want to be there to support the organization that supports your trails. Also, there are great raffle prizes. And a movie. A pretty sweet mountain biking movie!

Have an awesome day today!