10/27 Mt. Hood rain, Gorge no-wind and events

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 October 27, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

First off today, before I forget… I usually try and stay out of politics on this report. However… I had a nasty incident with a SUV driver a few days ago, and stopped by HRPD to file a complaint. Lest you think I’m a whiny cyclist, I’ll let you know this is the first time I’ve ever done this. The driver almost killed me by passing me as I was going straight at China Gorge and he/she was going right to 35. Anyway, Neal Holste happened to be at the po-po window. He’s running for sheriff, if you haven’t heard. He was friendly, respectful, he listened, and he promised to contact the driver and have a little chat with him/her about cyclists’ rights. Not all cops would have done that. Many would have been annoyed by a spandex-clad plum smuggler. Neal wasn’t. If you’re a cyclist, vote for Neal. He’s got your back!

When I look at the radar image on a day like today, and then I write the forecast, I am very thankful for coffee and Netflix, because it’s going to be that kind of weekend. And week, for that matter.

If you want to mountain bike, go now, because the trails will be too muddy after today for at least a few days. If it’s too early/cold/rainy, then you can go to the Dirty Fingers Bike Repair bike swap this morning, starting at 10am. That’s like mountain biking, only different.

Also in events this weekend, the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival today and tomorrow. Don’t stay out too late or get too crazy tonight, because Meadows is taking pass photos at the Hood River Inn tomorrow from 10am to 5pm. In theory, there’s pickup Ultimate Frisbee at the HR Marina tomorrow and pickup Rugby in Mosier, but given tomorrow’s weather, I’d be surprised if they happen.

Speaking of the weather, we’ll see rain today, downpours tomorrow, sprinkles on Monday and a drencher on Tuesday. Best chance for windsurfing or kiting will be in the eastern Gorge on Monday, when gusty westerlies fire up in the 24-28 range.

On the mountain, it’s going to be 3 days for the rivers. The Hood forecast is calling for 6.88′ by Tuesday, but I expect it may go higher, as all the snow from 10,000′ melts. Sorry, but today’s snow forecast is a rain forecast.

Although the snow level is around 5500′ this morning, it will quickly rise to 10,000′ by noon. The mountain will see .4-.5” rain through 5pm, followed by another 1-2” of rain tonight. Wind will be W 25-30 this morning, going to WNW 35-40 this evening.

Tomorrow looks wetter on Mt. Hood. The snow level will be at 10,000’+. There will be 1-1.5” of rain by 5pm, followed by another 1-2” of rain by Tuesday morning. Wind will be W 40 early, going to W 20-25 midday.

Rain continues on Mt. Hood Monday, with the snow level at 10,000′ early, dropping to 9000′ in the evening. .4-.5” of rain falls during the day, followed by another .8-1” by Monday morning. Wind will be WSW 45-50.

Tuesday looks very wet, with over an inch of rain with the snow level at 9000′ and moderate SW wind.

Have an awesome day today!