10/26 forecast

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 October 26, 2009

It’s the beginning of the week, and it’s the start of a late season round of west winds. We were supposed to have strong westerlies by this morning (all the models show it, and you know they’re always right), but the front isn’t even close to passing. Wait ‘til you see how much rain we get in the next couple of hours! Anyway, after that rain passes and the clouds start breaking up (and the cold air hits), the wind will pick up. When? I’m guessing mid-afternoon, and I’m guessing way out east.

Tomorrow looks windier and steadier, as high pressure off the coast combines with an eastward-moving low pressure trough to fire up strong NW flow over the Northwest. I think 26-30 is a fair call tomorrow, probably from Doug’s eastward. It’s going to be frigid, so bring your warmest wetsuit.

Pointing the telescope at Wedensday, I see continued west winds, as high pressure off the coast keeps gradients lined up the right way through the Gorge.

If you like wavesailing, head to the coast on Tuesday and Wednesday. Seaside to Bandon will see 20-25+ with a 15 foot swell. Can you say epic, kiddies?

The powder alert is still on for Timberline on Tuesday, with 4-8 inches of fresh snow on the way.

In other news, it’s still mushroom season, with chanterelles and lobsters hanging out around 1000 feet (and that’s all the hint you’ll get from me). I’m feeling a little sick from eating too many mushrooms (or maybe it’s the cream and butter and pie crust combined with the mushrooms).

Have a great day today!