10/25 Gorge wind, Mt. Hood snow, and events

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 October 25, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

It’s not a bad inversion cloud out there this morning, but it’s definitely the start of the inversion season in the Gorge. Could be worse… there could be no blue sky. Speaking of the start of the inversion season, that’s when Three Rivers usually starts two-for-one steak night. Jimmy said a few years back he was linking steaks to the inversion, so if that’s still true, steak night should be on.

What’s not on is the wind. You can forget about windsurfing and kiting for the next three days, because the rotating upper low off the coast just isn’t going to allow the Gorge to do its thing.

If you want to play outside, today looks dry, as does tomorrow, at least before 5pm. Even then, we’ll only see a chance of sprinkles Friday night. We might see some very light sprinkles Saturday morning, but Saturday afternoon looks dry, with more showers Saturday night. Sunday, after 8am, looks quite wet.

For Mt. Hood, today looks dry and cold and mostly clear, with the freezing level around 2500-3000′. Wind will be NW 10-15 early, dropping off this afternoon. The snow level Friday starts at 4000′, rising to 5000′ by 11am and 6500′ by 2pm. Light sprinkles starts around 5pm, for .1” of precip overnight. Wind will be SW 10 to start, rising to SW 25-30 by 11am and swinging to W 30 by 2pm.

On Saturday, the snow level will be at 8000′ early, rising to 10,000′ by 2pm. We’ll see about .3” of freezing rain/snow/sleet/rain mix in the morning, ending by 2pm. Then there will be a break in the precip before another wave of rain hits after 11pm, for .4” by Sunday morning. Wind Saturday will be NW 25-30 early, dropping to NW 10-15 mid-morning and holding all day.

Sunday just looks bad on the mountain, with the snow level around 11,000′, winds at W 30, and 1” or so of rain during the day. It looks like the snow level won’t be low enough for snow at Meadows until the latter part of next week. Stay dry!

In events, there’s the Indy Film Festival starting tomorrow and running through the weekend, with lots of films being shown at 4 different venues. For more details, check the ad at the top of this forecast. Also this weekend, there’s a bike swap at Dirty Fingers on Saturday morning, starting at 10am. Bring a table if you have one, because Dirty doesn’t have any. On Sunday afternoon, there’s pickup touch Rugby in Mosier and pickup Ultimate in Hood River.

Have an awesome day today!