10/25 Forecast

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 October 25, 2011

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I slept in again today, as you can tell. And what a surprise to see frost all over the place.

It looks like we’re not going to see a lot of wind this week. Easterlies pick up to the 15-18 range this afternoon, and then there’s not that much headed this way. There’s also not that much snow headed this way. Maybe a few inches above 7000’ on Friday night. So again, zero chance of the mountain opening within two weeks.

However, pass photo day for Meadows is this coming Sunday from 9am-4pm at the Hood River Inn. Please come and entertain your forecaster, who dreads the notion of being stuck inside for an entire day.

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In more important news, Condit Dam gets a big hole blown in it tomorrow at noon. Wow. Here are your options for video feed: According to Wet Planet, this is the link for the live video feed. It’s not currently live. You can also see the breach live on the big screen at Andrew’s at 11:30 or as a replay at the Pint Shack at 6pm.

Please do not try and sneak in to the White Salmon drainage. Cops will be crawling all over the place, there will be aerial surveillance of the area, and if people sneak in, the blast will be delayed. In addition, Alt 141 will be closed from 10am-2pm, as will all the parking areas at the mouth of the White Salmon. I’m not sure if you can or want to be out in the water near the mouth. The flow will be 10,000cfs, 10x what it is right now, so perhaps sitting in front of that wall of water and washed-out logs would be a bad idea.

If you want to get in the mood for this historic event tonight, come have an evening with the author of “Recovering a Lost River” at Solstice tonight, starting at 6:30.

That’s the big event for the week. Coming up this weekend, there’s a trail work party on the 450 road. In the name of fun and environmental stewardship, there will be shuttle vans from Dirty Fingers to the work party. Meet at DF at 9am. This work party is also known as the “Jimmy T and me day.”
Have an awesome day today!


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