10/24 Mt. Hood Snow, Gorge wind and events

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 October 24, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Yes, I know. Your forecast is late. I went to Kayak Polo last night, and that always means a late night of socializing after paddling around in the pool for an hour.

The news of the day today is that people have been up skinning at Meadows. The photos didn’t look amazing – there are still lots of sticks and bushes poking through the snow – but people are saying the skiing is … well … skiing and fun. Sounds cold to me. I’ve decided that ski season doesn’t start until the state of Oregon allows me to put my studded tires on my car. Then it’s ski season!

Speaking of, the snow level today will be around 3000′ all day, with .1-.2” water value by 5pm and another .1” overnight, giving us 2-3” more snow at 5000′. Wind on the mountain will be SW 15-20.

Tomorrow looks dry on the mountain, but we’ll probably see an inversion in the Gorge, as models are showing both a temperature inversion and a low cloud layer. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I have no control over the Nothing. On the mountain tomorrow, the snow level will be between 2500′ and 3500′ all day, with partly cloudy skies. Wind will be W 15-20 early, going to SW 15-20 in the afternoon.

Friday was looking horrible, but most of the moisture from the system is going to go north, or at least that’s what models are hinting at right now. That said, a much warmer system pushes over the top of this cool air mass, for a freezing rain/sleet/rain transition on Mt. Hood. The snow level will be at 3000′ at 8am, rising to around 8000′ by 2pm and falling back to 6500′ at 8pm. Precip starts as a mix around 11am, switching to rain in the afternoon. Total precip will only be (thankfullly) .2-.3” from 11am-5pm, followed by another .2-.3” overnight. Wind will be SW 20-30 early, going to W 40 around 2pm and W 30 in the evening.

Saturday starts out dry, with the snow level at 6500′. The snow level will rise to 8000′ by 2pm and 9000′ by 8pm, when rain starts. Models are currently predicting 2+” of rain Saturday night through Monday morning. Wind on Saturday: WNW 30+ to start, dropping to W 15-20 midday and rising to SW 20-25 in the evening.

In wind news, nothing.

In events, tonight is the Hood River County Trails Committee meeting. 5pm. 601 State. Drop off your ballot in the free, no-stamp-needed, ballot box.

Coming up this weekend, it’s the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival. Given that we’ll have crappy weather, especially Sunday, it’s going to be a good weekend for movies.

Columbia Center for the Arts presents the inaugural Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival running over three days Oct. 26th through the 28th at 4 venues throughout downtown Hood River. Films will be shown at Columbia Arts, Andrew’s Skylight Theater and on Saturday evening October 27th a special screening at Springhouse Cellars.

The three-day festival kicks off on Friday October 26th at 6:00 p.m. at Columbia Center for the Arts, (festival headquarters) with an opening reception and films starting at 7:00 p.m… The festival continues throughout the weekend with an awards presentation and closing party on Sunday Oct. 28th at 6:00 p.m., winning films to be shown following the awards presentation. The Festival features films in all genres from sports and feature documentaries to comedy, short and full length narratives and horror plus panel discussions with filmmakers and other artists. Ticket and pass holders are also invited to opening and closing ceremonies and other special events.

Have an awesome day today!