10/24 Forecast

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 October 24, 2011

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This is going to be a busy week in the Gorge, so plan on being available to do cool stuff.

First, the dirt is perfect everywhere from Gunsight down to Syncline, so if you enjoy mountain biking at all, this is your week to get on your bike.

Second, today is your best chance for wind. There’s high pressure off the coast, but it’s going to move inland as the day goes on, shutting off the wind. So, call it west 15-18 early near Hood River, fading in the afternoon. Tomorrow brings light east wind, and Wednesday brings east wind in the 15-18 range.

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The mountain probably saw a dusting of snow down to 4500’ last week, but won’t see any more snow until late Friday night. Even then, models are disagreeing on whether we’ll see moisture or not, but disagreement aside, the snow level will be around 7000’, so it doesn’t really matter. Chance of the mountain opening within two weeks: zero.

That said, you can get your mountain fix next Sunday at the Hood River Inn, where your friendly Meadows employees will be hanging out waiting to take your pass photo. I’ll be hanging out with them, so please come down and visit.

Between now and then, you’ve got the movie Gasland (an award-winning documentary about fracking) at Springhouse Cellars Monday night (that’s tonight), the Telemark flick “Loyalty” at Dog River tonight, a slideshow about kayaking and river stuff (in celebration of Condit Dam going away) at Solstice Tuesday night, Kayak Polo at the Hood River Pool Tuesday night, a zillion bye-bye Condit celebrations with live video feed on Wednesday (the expected destruction time is noon), and then on Saturday, there’s a work party on the 44 Road trails (I believe the meeting place is Little John, but check with Dirty Fingers for details). Finally, coming up November 5th, there’s some sort of Occupy Hood River activity going on. Whatever percent you are, it should be interesting.

Have an awesome day today!


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