10/21 Mt. Hood snow and Gorge wind forecast + events

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 October 21, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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I took off for two weeks, and we went from Indian Summer to winter. Pretty amazing.

With the arrival of winter comes snow in the high country and of course the snow forecast. As of yesterday, there was a trace of snow on the 450, High Prairie and Fifteenmile trails. They’re going to get more snow over the next week, but then we’ll see another warm, wet weather event next weekend that should melt it all away again.

Before I go into the snow forecast, I’ll give a quick wind forecast. A series of low pressure systems will sit off the Oregon coast through Thursday, giving us very gusty and unreliable wind in the Gorge. Expect W 13-15 today, E 17-20 tomorrow, and light west wind on Tuesday.

For the rain forecast, expect cloudy conditions with occasional showers today, with showers increasing after 2pm and heavier rain after 11pm. Tomorrow brings rain showers all day, tapering off in the afternoon. Expect a dry morning on Tuesday and showers Tuesday afternoon.

With the showers, we’ll get more snow in the mountains. Tonight brings about .3” of precip, with the snow level at 3000′ early, rising to 5000′ in the afternoon and overnight, for 1-3” of snow. The snow level tomorrow hovers around 5000′-5500′, falling to 4500′ after 8pm, with .3-.4” of precip during the day, for 2-3” of new snow above 5000′. Tuesday looks cooler, with the snow level around 3500′, with light flurries or just clouds during the day and snow showers picking up after 5pm. Chance of ski areas opening next week: 0%, due to another warm, tropical rain system coming in on Saturday.

Coming up next weekend, it’s the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival, with all sorts of film. Outdoorsy, artsy, and everything in between. 4 venues. Lots of movies. Visit Columbia Center for the Arts website for more information.

Have an awesome day today!