10/21 forecast

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 October 21, 2010

Good morning!

The sponsor of the report for the next few days is Hood River artist Mark Nilsson. Mark’s having a studio sale on Saturday at 7 Hazel Street, starting at 10am. You can see his work in Doppio (an amazing world map), on 6th street in Hood River (an incredible tile mural), and all over town on people’s walls. This coming Saturday, you have a chance to meet Mark, wish him a happy birthday, and pick up an original Mark Nilsson painting. Your purchase of Mark’s beautiful artwork will help send him to Paris (assuming the French still aren’t on strike) to celebrate his (big) birthday. To see some of the paintings, visit Mark’s Facebook page. And, one lucky person on the email list will win a mini Mark Nilsson painting.

It’s a beautiful, sunny morning in the Gorge, and that means it’s time for you to get outside and do something fun. Why? Because the rain is coming, and along with the rain is coming cold, mud, and less daylight.

The rain forecast for the next few days is .1”-.25” tomorrow, another .5”-.75” Saturday, and 1-2” on Sunday. These numbers are for Mt. Hood, so expect a third of those amounts to fall in the valleys.

So what do those numbers mean? You’ll still be riding Post Canyon tomorrow, most likely, but it will be muddy by Saturday. Same goes for the upper elevation rides. The chanerelles and matsuake won’t like this rain either, so go pick them today. As for the rivers, we’ll see them come up a bit, but the previous forecast of 2-3” of rain looked a lot better for making kayakers happy. If we only see 1-2” on Sunday, I don’t think we’ll see the Hood break 4.0 feet.

If you’re hoping for some windsurfing or kiting this weekend, your best bet will be the southerly winds blowing on the coast for much of the weekend. If you’re staying in the Gorge, the best chance is way out east on Sunday as the mega-storm crosses the Northwest. Timing will be everything, but 30ish seems pretty reasonable if the storm moves during the daylight hours.

The Columbia Gorge Marathon is Sunday, and there are still about 100 spots open if you’d like to race last-minute style. I am not sure if running marathons in the rain is fun, but I bet volunteering is. Finally, if you’re looking for something to do on this rainy weekend, Mark Nilsson is having an “I’m going to Paris to celebrate my big birthday” Studio Sale from 10-5 on 7 Hazel in Hood River. Come pick up some cool paintings and meet the cool artist.

Have an awesome day today!


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