10/17 forecast

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 October 17, 2009

Good morning!

I’m having trouble getting motivated to write a forecast. Not much wind in our future, and no snow falling on the mountain. Snow levels above 6000 feet.

The truth on the wind forecast is that models are showing some southwest winds out in the desert this afternoon. With the bulk of the storm shifted north of us, we’re not going to see much. Think 18-20 or so out east late today and overnight. Better than nothing, I suppose.

However, I’m looking at the satellite and radar maps now, and there’s some good news there. We were supposed to get the deluge today, but it’s looking like the majority of the rain is going to stay north of us for the next couple of days.

That means you can go mountain biking until your legs give out. I rode Post Canyon last night. Roots and rocks were slick as could be, but the trail itself was in great shape. I assume that means Hospital Hill is good too.

If you are thinking of riding Syncline, be aware that it’s hunting camp. LEAVE YOUR DOGS AT HOME. I’m sorry, did I capitalize that. Let me say it in a nice way: please leave your dogs at home, and do not approach the brown house.

The landowners are nice enough to let us ride there year-round, except for during hunting camp. Please respect their wishes, or you will cause endless heartache for everyone else.