10/15 forecast

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 October 15, 2009

Good morning!

First off, many thanks to Johnathan B., who gave me a beautiful French Press yesterday. As you know, I’m a hopeless caffeine addict, and can’t live without my morning coffee, especially when I have to hear the phrase 800-2-4-5-2-3-4-6 over and over while I’m trying to eat breakfast.

If you’re still looking for wind, the Washington coast is your best bet today, and Seattle is your best bet tomorrow.



In the Gorge, over the next couple of days, we’ll see … rain. Lots of rain, especially tomorrow. Because of the rain, I’ve been getting disheartening reports from mountain bike trails. Post is slick and muddy, as is everything off the 44 Road. As of yesterday, the Syncline was reported as “perfect.”

Unfortunately, the snow level is way up there, and the resorts are joining the Gorge in the rain. Funny, isn’t it, after the early snowstorm two days ago.

All right.. have an great day today, and the person to come up with the best non-gym workout wins a tray of brownies!



  1. Temira |

    Hi Mark, Tell you what… I don’t want to be responsible for killing paragliders, as I’m not familiar with what you need for a good day, but you are welcome to use my wind forecast to make decisions. =) Where’s the snow?!?!?!

  2. Mark Thompson |

    Hi Temira,

    I’m Mark Thompson, a friend of Sqky (also known as Denise to those who have never spoken to her on a cell phone). Hey you need to add paragliding to your report. We have a small community of paragliders that regularly fly off Bingen and Cliffside (the cliff across from Rufus) and need to know what to expect….

    Sqky says you’re the best…so help us out (please).

    Looking forward to seeing you on the mountain this winter…

    MT (Vapey to Sqky)