10/14 forecast

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 October 14, 2009

Good morning!

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s raining. No, seriously. It’s wet out there. And this morning, it’s actually rain, not snow. (I’m hoping it will snow again)

I’m starting to think Mother Nature has something against me. I say it’s too warm to snow (it was 41 yesterday morning), and it snows. I say it’s going to be windy, and it’s not. All this denial makes me want to…

eat apple pie for breakfast! Yummy! Speaking of pie, swing by the senior center today and tomorrow to help us make pie for (super rainy) Harvest Fest.

Oh, I’m sorry. were you looking for a forecast? Your best chance for wind in the next few days is at the coast, where massive southerlies will let you set some speedsailing records today, tomorrow and Friday. For Gorge winds, watch the (rainy and cold) desert late today for 18-22 this afternoon. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother going out there unless you are really desperate.

If you’re a mountain biker, dress warmly and prepare for lots of mud. And let me know what you rode and how muddy it is.

Coming up this weekend is Harvest Fest and the Providence Harvest Dash, a costumed run/walk race, where you can practice your Halloween antics while jogging.

Have a great day today!