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 October 10, 2009

Good morning!

First off, today’s fun stuff:

1. A mushroom gathering seminar, supposedly free. Meet at the Stevenson end of Bridge of the Gods at 10am.
2. Flip fest 2009. Come flip off Craig Sawyer and help with the wine harvest at Wind River Cellars. All day.
3. Waterfront Park weeding party. Donuts, coffee and weeding at the HR waterfront park. 10am-noon
4. Telemark movie viewing. 7pm at Dog River for Flakes, a Powderwhore movie.

Second, the forecast.

The cold, dry air associated with this high pressure system slipped a little far west overnight for our needs. We still have gradients around .10, but I was expecting .18 or so. This sucks if you like really strong wind. It is blowing in the low twenties at Stevenson, and it’s about the same at Rooster. So, you can still go windsurfing or kiting today, in the semi-sunshine, so it’s still a good day in the Gorge!

Have a look at Rooster: http://www.pdxgreen.com/RoosterCam.aspx

I think the wind will pick up a bit later. 24-27 seems reasonable towards midday today. Tomorrow looks similar, with high pressure holding over the desert and a tropically-driven low pressure system hanging off the coast.

Okay, I know that a short, lame forecast, but I want to dedicate all my energy and concentration to my cup of coffee.

Have a great day!