Tired of the same old Falls Creek shuttle? Torture yourself with more miles. Get yourself to Oldman Pass. Start at the 151 trail (Valley Ski Trail). Hit the road. Turn right. Go to the McLellan Meadows 157 Trail (3 miles of singletrack). When you hit the road, go left. If you went right, you’d be heading down Falls Creek. You can do that later. Turn left. Ride 3 miles or so up the gravel road to a meadow and take a left on the 159 (Terminator) trail.

That 159 trail is pretty amazing (if you can find it – it’s not clearly marked). There are flowers and beargrass and flowy singletrack through varied terrain. Watch for hidden pedal-clipper rocks under the brush along the side of the trail. 3.8 miles of stellar singletrack brings you back down the 157 trail, aka, the start of Falls Creek.

Ride the 157 again, but skip the left turn onto the 65 road. Turn right into Gibson Horse camp and find the 152 trail.Take that down to the Falls Creek trailhead. That’s a 27 mile ride. Yay.