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 August 14, 2009

The west wind streak continues today, for an almost-100% windy August so far. As an upper low sneaks across the BC border and into eastern Washington today, gradients build. Best winds will be east of the cloudline again, from Doug’s to Arlington, and strongest winds will be late in the day.

By midday, winds will be in the 22-25 range. By the time the working crowd gets out of the office, winds will be in the 24-28 range from Doug’s eastward. Steadiest winds will be at southerly-favored spots like Avery and Arlington. There is the possibility of 28-32, but gradients started off pretty weak this morning, so I’m thinking that’s pretty unlikely.

Westerlies continue tomorrow as high pressure builds at the coast. We start off with teens in the corridor, building to 21-25 from Stevenson to Doug’s in the afternoon.

It looks like we’ll still see west winds on Sunday, just enough to get you on the water with a kite or a 5.0 sail. (Maybe.)

If you like coastal sailing, head to the South Coast for the weekend for small-craft-advisory winds and mini swell.

Other stuff happening in the next couple days includes the Moth World championship in Cascade Locks through Saturday. Also on Saturday is the women-only Ladyfingers ride out of Dirty Fingers bike repair. Coffee’s at 8:30 for that ride, and the pedaling begins at 9:00. For more event details, check out the

Finally, on Saturday night, Hood River Parks and Rec plays Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on the big screen at Jackson Park. Apologies to all local theatre owners, but it’s one of my all-time favorites!

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!